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About Moustache Yourself

What is is a place where you can stache or be stached. Seriously, who doesn't want to see someone with a moustache? You can upload pictures of youself, friends, or enemies and see what they look like with MoustacheYourself moustaches. Not only may you use the moustaches provided, but also upload your own moustaches and use the community's uploaded moustaches.
How do I use
It's easy, you can sign up quickly by registering. Once you have set up your account you can log in and check out "Mystache" which is a place for you to manage your stache paraphernalia. In Mystache you can upload photos, moustaches, and browse images you have stached. To put a moustache on an image you just drag and drop until you find the desired position of the moustache. Once you use your expert moustache placing skills to apply the moustache you get to giggle about a silly moustache on sombody's face. is an Ongoing Project
As of right now MoustacheYourself is just a baby but soon enough it will have more features to better the user experience on MoustacheYourself. If you would like to share any ideas or contribute to the MoustacheYourself website you may contact us.
Image Upload Policy
We here at encourage you to upload your photos, whether it be yourself, your friends, or your pets. However, we prohibit images containing nudity, sexually graphic material, or material that is otherwise deemed explicit by the MoustacheYourself team. User uploaded content will be continually monitored and anything found to be inappropriate will be removed.
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